Pirastro Tonica A,D,G and Gold Label E 4/4 Violin Ball End Strings


Pirastro Tonica A,D,G and Gold label E 4/4 violin set ball end #violinstring

* Tonica strings have a core made from nylon.
* They produce a lively well-rounded sound, perfectly balanced across all four strings.
* Responding instantly to any bowing style, they reward both player and listener with an open and direct sound.
* With substantially reduced background ‘hiss’, players can sustain a more even tone helping to achieve smoother string crossings.
* Whilst giving positive feed back to your left hand, strings remain very easy to play right up into the highest positions.
* Projection and brilliance have been upgraded.
* However, this excess does not mean that the Tonica has lost its warmth.
* Playing pianissimo has considerably improved.
* All bow strokes are possible resulting in smooth crossings from one note to another.
* Easy right hand articulation and tone attack.
* Due to their medium string tension Tonica strings are suitable for all instruments.
* Insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity

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